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Our main objective is to provide quality medical care for any human being, independent of country, culture, and language barrier.

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We are InforMED!

InforMED is a global impact startup aimed at solving language barriers in healthcare through innovation and being human focused. We want to break this language barrier in order to improve and spread good quality healthcare around the world.

Language Barrier

Language barriers halt the effective communication between a Healthcare Professional and their patient. The effects includes incorrect diagnoses, money wastage due to unnecessary tests being performed, and in more severe cases worsened health or death.

Language diversity

Right now, around the world are countries with many different languages and dialects. India, for example, has 10 000+ dialects. Countries are shifting to a combination of languages per area, rather than one indigenous language being prominent.

Patient Empowerment

Studies show that 93% of patients using Chronic Medicine do not know what medication they are taking and/or what conditions they have. We aim to Empower and providie patients the opportunity to take ownership of their conditions which will improve their response to treatment and its efficacy.

Clear communication!

Our application for mobile devices is primarily present to aid in the breaking of communication and language barriers between two individuals during consultations.

  • Diagnostic

    Our app acts as a 'guiding mechanism' for the healthcare professional, allowing them to create a more refined differential diagnosis.

  • Flexibility

    Offline and single mode application for both patient and healthcare professional.

  • Confidentiality

    All our translations are done by qualified healthcare professionals that are fluent in both English and another language.

  • Historic

    Our application highlites the most relevant data that is region specific, allowing healthcare professionals to see what conditions are prevalent in a particular geographical area at a specific time.

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We are InforMED!

Four different countries, four backgrounds, one goal. In 2018 we were fellow of Young Sustainable Impact's (YSI), global innovation program. We were united for a common reason: our willingness to impact the healthcare of our countries and globally. We believe that our different areas of expertise and our distinct backgrounds can drive the creation of impact initiatives.


The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. InforMED is focused on Goal 3: Good Health and Well Being.

Promote globally scalable solutions for communication in healthcare strengthening the work of foreign doctors in isolated communities.

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